Architectural Drawings by Robert Mills for the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, ca. 1822


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Robert Mills, who was born in Charleston in 1781, published these drawings for the state around 1822.  Mills served as state architect for South Carolina, designing the Lunatic Asylum and many local courthouses, and later won the contest to design the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.  These renditions display the front of the asylum, as well as the back and Mill's rendition of what the inside of the main corridors of the asylum should resemble.


Mills, Robert. Architectural Drawings for the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum. ca. 1822. MB 17, Folder 10. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina.

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A. Distinguish between past, present, and future time
B. Establish chronological order in constructing one’s own historical narratives
D. Create and interpret data on time lines
J. Demonstrate responsible citizenship within the school community and the local and national communities
L. Interpret calendars, time lines, maps, charts, tables, graphs, flow charts, diagrams, photographs, paintings, cartoons, architectural drawings, documents, letters, censuses, and other artifacts
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Too Large to be a Lunatic Asylum: South Carolina’s Mental Health


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