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American Revolution Association

American Revolution Association

American Revolution Association (ARA) is a nonprofit corporation to network the persons, places, events, and organizations relating to the Revolution.  ARA is committed to assisting those persons, organizations and sites with their respective Revolutionary promotions, publications and preservation in a nurturing fashion of fellowship, scholarship and fun! Our office is located in Downtown Camden.

American Revolution Association is organized into five departments: 1) communication & publication; 2) membership & development; 3) preservation; 4) education; and 5) accoutrements & marketing.  ARA’s quality watchwords are scholarship, fellowship and fun for all of its activities including its magazine, American Revolution.  5000 copies are distributed, subscribed and marketed in over 40 states and in England.  Geographically and substantively diverse editorial advisors have committed their perspectives and passions to American Revolution’s success.  It continually attracts historians and hobbyists alike from such divergent constituencies as: scholars, preservationists, authors, teachers, reenactors, archaeologists, gamers, miniaturists, site supervisors, tourists, heritage and fraternal organizations, users of metal detectors, and patriots.       

ARA has staked its claim to connect and support the un-networked Revolutionary constituencies across the country and throughout the world.  Two powerful lights show ARA the way:  the compelling stories of enough good men and women who back then bought us our Liberty at the price of their lives and fortunes are one light.  They demand that we tell it how it actually was.  The other light, equally illuminating, is made up of you, and each of you, our friends who picked up the call to arms.  You freely pick up pen, paper, gifts, and computer; gas and gusto; camera and conviction; mind and material; and your own special perspective and projects.  We unabashedly proclaim that because of you ARA lives and breathes. 

David Reuwer
President & Editor

(803) 425-8710

306 Hampton Park
(P.O. Box 1776)
Camden, SC 29021