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Pickens County Museum of Art and History

In 1975, a turn-of-the century jail building became home to the Pickens County Museum of Art and History.  After an expansion project tripling the size of the facility in 2004, the museum is represented by thirty-nine permanent displays and three galleries for changing exhibitions. The collection interprets the history of Pickens County and the Carolina Upcountry through art, antiquities and artifacts. Here you can learn, among other things, that Pickens County was once home to the lower towns of the Cherokee and that the name "Pickens" comes from General Andrew Pickens, a Revolutionary War hero. This, and other historical information, artifacts, and antiquities soon starts any visitor to thinking about the rich tapestry of cultures, historical events and people who have contributed to, and continue to shape, Pickens County.

Allen Coleman
Helen Hockwalt

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