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South Carolina Cotton Museum

The South Carolina Cotton Museum currently offers educational programs that both entertain and inform. Programs are interactive: the student becomes involved! Educational programs are geared to various age levels. Teachers may also select from a library of video presentations to enhance the educational experience.

Younger visitors participate in the "From Seeds to Shirts" program, in which the staff describes how a cotton seed is magically transformed into a t-shirt. Older groups experience a "Question and Answer" program. Each team of students is provided with a short list of questions and given twenty minutes to explore the museum and find the answers. While some of the questions can be answered by reading the descriptive text in the exhibit area, most require the student to use logical thinking skills. After the allotted twenty minutes have expired, the team members consult with each other, and then each group presents their answers to the entire class. Team members' comprehension and understanding of the subject matter are often tested by the staff, who like to ask them questions based on their presentation.

At the conclusion of each educational program, the group is led on a guided tour of the exhibit area. Questions are always welcome! Please allow ninety minutes to experience the educational programs.

SC Cotton Museum's Model of a Boll Weevil

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