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Diachronic Research Foundation and Johannes Kolb Site

The Diachronic Research Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the study of South Carolina’s past and people.  The Foundation pursues this goal using archaeology, history, geography, geology, folklore, and more, working together under the overall umbrella of anthropology.

Archaeological findings at Diachronic Research Foundation sites have enhanced our understanding of the state’s past.  Recently the Foundation has conducted research and excavations at sites such as Fort Johnson on the Charleston Harbor, Mepkin Plantation in Berkeley County, the Pee Dee Indian Town site in Marion County, and the Johannes Kolb site in Darlington County, among many others.

The Johannes Kolb Site represents a c.1732 European settlement along the Great Pee Dee River (now a SCDNR Heritage Preserve).  Archaeology at the Kolb Site, however, has revealed over 13,000 years of human activity.  Archaeological evidence has shown that Native Americans, African Americans, and European Americans are all represented at the Kolb Site, making it “a microcosm of the South Carolina ethnic stew.”  Artifacts uncovered at the Kolb Site have included arrowheads, potshards, British coins, and kaolin pipes. 

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