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The South Carolina State Museum (SCSM) is a public, non-profit education institution that collects, preserves, exhibits, and shares objects representing the state's natural history, cultural history, art, science and technology. The Museum's purpose is: 1) To educate and inspire young people and families, citizens of the state, and out-of-state audiences with an understanding and appreciation of the heritage, science, and culture of the Palmetto State and beyond; 2) To serve as a resource for the state's educational system, for business and economic development, and for the broader statewide community; and 3) To assist other museums in South Carolina.

SCSM's collection covers nearly every facet of South Carolina history. School programs presented by the South Carolina State Museum are developed in alignment with the South Carolina State Curriculum Standards.

Fritz Hamer Presenting to 2005 Midlands Teachers

Virtual Tour of WWII Exhibit:
SC State Museum Virtual Tour of WWII Exhibit

Fritz Hamer
Chief Curator of History

(803) 898-4942

301 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29202



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