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Since its opening in 1970, the Lexington County Museum has concentrated on a strong education program for implementation of tours of its 18th and 19th century buildings and collections. The museum site consists of 6.5 acres with 30 restored structures used in life-style tours. All historic structures were constructed prior to 1860, and showcase everyday life in Lexington County in the colonial and antebellum perids. Buildings on the site include: three 18th century log cabins; an 1814 one-room schoolhouse; and a two-story upcountry plantation house with kitchen. Also included are a privy, oven, potato house, smokehouse, loom room, cotton gin house, slave cabins, carriage house, blacksmith shop, and a large farmyard with several barns. The collection consists of objects used in everyday living in central South Carolina in the 18th and 19th centuries. Textiles, furniture, ceramics, horse-drawn transports, and farm tools are displayed in appropriate buildings to illustrate their use.

During the 2002 Summer Institutes, teachers interacted with living history re-enactors that represented the diverse inhabitants of the area. Within the context of 18th and 19th century farm life, topics discussed in the tours include slavery, education, women's status, health, foodways, and local and agricultural trade economies.

2002 Midlands Teachers at the Lexington County Museum

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