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South Carolina Tobacco Museum

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The City of Mullins sprang from the growing, harvesting and selling of tobacco beginning in 1894. Proving that tobacco and farm life was the life-blood of the community, Mullins grew to become the largest tobacco market in South Carolina at one time. The Museum, which opened in August 1998, focuses on the growing of tobacco and rural farm life prior to 1950.

The Museum includes:

  • A display showing the complete growing cycle and production of tobacco through to auction.
  • Tobacco-related equipment, a wagon, re-constructed pole barn, & blacksmith tools.
  • Special Exhibits: A research library with multi-media documentaries featuring local people. In October 2000, museum staff completed production of a new documentary video. "When Tobacco Was King" is a 15-minute video that depicts the relationship between Mullins and tobacco over the last 110 years. The video came from more than 50 hours of interviews conducted over a two-year period from residents of Horry, Dillon, and Marion Counties and was produced in cooperation with Clemson University. Copies of the video are offered for sale in the museum gift shop.

    Reggie McDaniel

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    104 N.E. Front Street
    Mullins, SC 29574