TAHSC Portfolio Assignment

Teaching American History in South Carolina (TAHSC) seeks to enable teachers to develop innovative teaching techniques through the increased use of local primary sources and connecting national history to local and region events, people, and places. The purpose of the portfolio assignment is to create original curriculum using South Carolina resources that relate to broad themes in American History. Teachers reflect on their professional growth and link TAHSC-influenced pedagogy to student learning. Selected lessons with student work will be published at: www.teachingUShistory.org.

Portfolio Directions

Teachers will create a portfolio containing examples of their work.  The portfolio will include: 1) two original lessons, 2) examples of student work, and 3) a summary essay. Portfolios must be typed and double-spaced, using 12 pt. font (preferably Times New Roman).  Please use Turabian (Chicago) style for historic background notes and bibliography.  Examples of this style are provided, and TAH staff will help participants format lessons.  Points will be given for writing style, grammar, and neatness.  Graduate credit and stipend are contingent upon completing all course requirements. Grades will be determined according to the following guidelines:

  • Develop and teach original history lessons. Create and teach two original lessons using the TAHSC lesson format (see other side).  Both lessons must be created in collaboration with South Carolina cultural institutions.  Both lessons must use South Carolina primary resources, which relate to broad themes in American history.  Lessons should reflect teaching strategies discussed during the summer institute.  Include parenthetical citations for historical background notes and a bibliography of all primary and secondary sources used.  A small team of teachers may create one of the two lessons.  Both lessons can cover similar topics and be part of a larger unit.
  • Include examples of student work. Provide examples of students work resulting from teacher-created lessons.
  • Write a summary essay. Reflect on your professional growth in this essay, which can be about 3-5 double-spaced pages.  Cite specific examples of how TAHSC influenced your teaching.  Citing examples from teacher-created lessons and student work, consider the following questions:
    • How did content instruction improve your teaching; how did methods instruction improve your teaching; how did cultural institution collaboration improve your teaching?
    • What evidence from student work illustrates effective instruction?
    • Discuss areas for future growth.
  • Submit work according to course benchmarks.
    • Outlines of two lessons ideas due on Day 10 of the summer institute.
    • One complete lesson and a rough draft of the second lesson due at the fall meeting.
    • Teach at least one of the two lessons by the Midyear Retreat.

Complete portfolio (two lessons, student work, summary essay) by the Midyear Retreat.  Turn in both an electronic copy and hardcopy. 

Scoring Rubric
Scoring Rubric for the South Carolina Teaching American History Project Portfolio (Word Document)