TAHSC Midyear Retreat 2011

White Oak Conference Center

February 18-19, 2011

Handouts, Links, and Important Information

Map of White Oak Conference Center

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend for our upcoming Midyear Retreat!

This page is meant to help answer any questions you have regarding:

The Retreat takes place at White Oak Conference Center (Google Maps Link for this address: 633 Mobley Highway, Winnsboro, SC 29180). Registration begins at 5pm on Friday, February 18. Once you arrive at White Oak, go to the administration building (number 1 on map) to check in and get your meal ticket for dinner. Dinner starts at 6pm in the cafeteria (number 2 on map).

After dinner, we will go to the lecture hall (number 5 on map) to see an historical play called "Mr. Lincoln's Office" led by Abraham Lincoln himself (though he's also known as a successful actor, teacher, and historian named Peter Holland).

For Saturday, we start with breakfast at 7:30am in the cafeteria. After breakfast, we'll go to the lecture hall to begin the day. After a few welcoming remarks, Kevin Witherspoon will lead a session called "From Slavery to Equality: The Civil Rights Movement and the Constitution." We will then come together in our regional groups in one of the classrooms (number 3 on map). These regional meetings will allow us to complete some important paperwork (such as our content test) and for us to catch up with friends and colleagues from the summer institutes.

After lunch, we'll meet again in the lecture hall to hear Paul Anderson's session on "Andrew G. Magrath and the Box they Buried the State In." After Paul's session and a short break, we'll meet back in the classrooms in small groups, divided by grade levels (elementary, middle, high) to continue discussing our lessons and work since the summer.

Our day should end no later than 3:45 on Saturday.

Useful Links relating to Retreat and White Oak Conference Center:

Useful Tips and Links relating to TAHSC Portfolio Assignment:

  • Please remember that every completed assignment should have the following THREE basic components:
    • A complete lesson that you taught that includes a historical background essay, student work, as well as anything you created to teach the lesson (powerpoints, handouts, copies of sources, etc.)
    • A POW or WOW project with accompanying essay, completed worksheets, and other supporting documents.
    • A completed Summary Essay.
  • Please remember to bring an electronic version of your lesson.
  • See below for some helpful links with more info on your assignment: