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Governor Andrew G. Magrath And The Box They Buried The State In      
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Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site   Lexington County Museum  
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SC Confederate Relic Room & Museum   "South Carolinians During World War II"  

Virtual tours offer a variety of opportunities and resources for you and your students to explore South Carolina history. The virtual tour of Governor Andrew G. Magrath and The Box They Buried The State In features a select group of letters which document the closing months of the Civil War and its effects on South Carolinians. Through these letters to and from Governor Magrath, the hopes, fears, and anxieities of the people come alive. The virtual tour of Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site utilizes a 1742 map and other primary documents to tell the story of a colonial village in South Carolina that no longer exists. The virtual tour of Lexington County Museum takes you to the John Fox farm and addresses two historical themes: southern antebellum farm life, with emphasis on food traditions, and colonial settlement in South Carolina's backcountry.

The tour for the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Museum provides a sampling of unique objects found in the state's second oldest museum. "South Carolinians During World War II" sheds light on the diverse experiences of South Carolinians fighting in the Pacific and those at home.

Virtual tours of Historic Brattonsville and the South Caroliniana Library also provide a window into our state's past.