A Virtual Tour of Notable Objects at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

(item above) National Colors of the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers, U. S.
[African American Regiment].


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Officer's frock coat, sash and sword of Brigadier General Gabriel James Rains [1803-1881]
Confederate coat and sword Top half of Confederate coat Confederate coat
Sword Sword hilt details Sword blade details  
Photograph of Private John Long, 4th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry  
Photo wallet closed Close-up view: Private John Long Private John Long in wallet
Photograph of Private Young H. E. Hitch 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
Wallet photo frame details    
Prosthetic Leg for Private Alexander D. Grant, 8th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry  
Prosthetic leg Prosthetic leg    
General Pierre G. T. Beauregard's Tooth    
Extracted tooth document Extracted tooth  
Confederate Underdrawers    
Long underware Long underware details    
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